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STOP Wasting Time Wondering If Your Rap Skills Are Good Enough…

So many new rappers feel stuck…

And are not expressing themselves as fully as they know they can because they are afraid their rap skills are not good enough.

Obviously, it’s a lot easier to express yourself when you’re not worried about your skills being bad.

That’s why we created Pro Rap Academy Premium…

Our mission at Pro Rap Academy is to help you get ultimate confidence in your rap and freestyle skills...

So you can easily freestyle, start making and sharing your own music...

And inspire others to do the same.

What is Pro Rap Academy Premium?

Pro Rap Academy Premium is the best rap training in the world to master every area of your rap skills. You'll get 6 rap masterclasses valued at over $1,879 to level up your rap skills in the fastest time possible. The timeless rap training inside has been tested and developed for over 20 years and proven with thousands of rappers from over 127 countries.

What Rap Skills Are Covered?

Freestyle Better Than Kendrick Lamar ($297 Value)

To get started, you'll immediately get access to The Pro Freestyle Rap Masterclass. This is normally a 6 week masterclass but you get it all instantly.

This is where you’ll learn how to do subconscious and conscious freestyling so you can freestyle without stopping for as long as you want about anything around you. 

PLUS, an extra half hour training is included to help you freestyle about random words better than Kendrick Lamar. 

Hi-Jacking Pro Flow and Delivery ($297 Value)

Learn how to get pro level flow and delivery by "Hi-Jacking" the flows of your current favorite rappers. Don't worry, you'll still sound original. 

This is all included In The Pro Rap Flow Masterclass where you'll learn how to keep your flow up to date and constantly improving. 

The Pro Lyrical Masterclass ($297 Value)  

You’ll learn 4 ways you can turn freestyles into tight full high quality songs in The Lyrical Masterclass.

You'll also learn how to organize your notebook so you write the best quality lyrics possible every time.

Hit Songwriting Like Post Malone and The Weeknd ($297 Value)

Get access to The Melodic Rap Masterclass.

This is where you'll learn how to write FULL melodic songs like Post Malone, The Weeknd, Juice Wrld and Swae Lee. 

We will also talk about hit song structure and how to come up with dope melodies for hooks, choruses, verses, and prechoruses.

8 Hours of Behind The Scenes Pro Songwriting Sessions ($297 Value)

You'll get access to 8 hours of real pro songwriting sessions so...

You get an inside look at the entire process of writing a full song.

The Pro Recording Masterclass ($97 Value)

You'll learn how to get your songs mixed, mastered and released the easy way.

You'll learn how to get a pro rap sound from home...

And you'll learn about the simple gear you need.

And much more pro rap training inside...

Rap Training Included Instantly...

  • The Pro Freestyle Masterclass ($297 Value)
  • The "Hi-Jacking" Pro Flow Masterclass ($297 Value)
  • The Pro Lyrical Masterclass ($297 Value)
  • Melodic Rap Songwriting Masterclass ($297 Value)
  • 8 Hours Of Real Songwriting Sessions ($297 Value)
  • The Pro Recording Masterclass ($97 Value)
  • Access To Live Songwriting Sessions ($297 Value)
  • Private Support Group ($997 Value)

Total Value is...
Over $2,875
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What Members Are Saying...

"I can freestyle for over 3 minutes straight now!" - Paul Konkel, Illinois 

"I’m making music now. CRAZY!" - Aaron Harris, Atlanta, Georgia 

“The Methods Work Quickly!” - Ronnie E. Las Vegas, Nevada 

"Freestyling Is Easy!"" - Jeff Le. San Jose, California 

“I’ll freestyle all the time now!” - Sarah J. San Francisco, California

"The Melodic Rap Masterclass Alone Is Worth The Price To Get In!"
Quentin T. , Chicago, Illinois 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Join Pro Rap Academy Premium now and you’ll learn how to freestyle rap better than Kendrick Lamar. We want you to be totally happy with the training. This is why we have a 30 day guarantee. So you’ll either love Pro Rap Academy or you get your money back fast.

The Creator Of Pro Rap Academy

Hey, I’m Pat and I created Pro Rap Academy to share the pro rap and songwriting secrets I wish I knew about when I was starting out.

When I was first learning, I was super afraid to rap in front of anybody which meant I was NOT developing my delivery, flow and voice.

If it wasn't for an older rapper helping me get started, I don't know if i would have ever got the confidence to start making music at all.

Listen To Me Rap Now...

This was the first song I wrote after using just a few of the methods found in Pro Rap Academy Premium

I know the training in Pro Rap Academy Premium would have helped me get pro level rap skills a lot faster.

Luckily, now you can have access to these timeless and unwritten rap secrets so you can get the skills of the greatest rappers of all time starting today.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

When You Complete Pro Rap Academy, You’ll Feel Like Rapping & Freestyling Is EASY And Natural!

Just imagine… One month from now, you will have successfully completed The Pro Freestyle Masterclass...

Not only will you be able to freestyle for 5 minutes straight without getting stuck, you’ll:

  • Rap better overall
  • Have ultimate confidence in your rap skills
  • Easily come up with original flows
  • Start making your own songs
  • Break through writers block
  • Be in a creative flow state without needing drugs
  • Always have something to rap about
  • Freestyle with limitless rhymes
  • Invent choruses on the spot
  • Easily come up with melodies for songs
  • Talk to girls easier
  • Be ready to freestyle rap battle…  

Probably best of all, you’ll feel happy knowing you now have a cool way to INSTANTLY express yourself over beats whenever you’re feeling down, or want to have fun with friends.

Upcoming Skills Include...

  •  How To Write Choruses
  •  How To Record Raps Professionally
  •  How to Write Full Songs
  •  How To Make Music Videos For Cheap
  •  How To Melodic Rap
  •  How To Do Storytelling Raps
  •  How To Have Limitless Topics To Rap About
  •  Rap Delivery Mastery
  •  Pro Rap Flow Mastery
  •  And Much More ...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Everything You Need For Pro Rap Success

Pro Rap Academy Premium gives you a super easy-to-follow plan and includes everything you need to be successful with rapping and freestyling like a natural

Just think… armed with Pro Rap Academy Premium, The Kendrick Lamar training, the Songwriting Masterclasses, The Melodic Rap Masterclass… And the VIP access to our Private Group of supportive rappers from all over the world...

You’ll be able to start freestyling today, and writing full songs within months.

And within 1 week you’ll be confident freestyling anywhere.

Over the course of Pro Rap Academy, you could start freestyling with infinite rhymes for over a minute by tomorrow. And for over 5 minutes within a week

This doesn’t have to stay in your dream world… you can make it a reality by signing up for Pro Rap Academy Premium right now…

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Starting Pro Rap Academy Is Easy…

The normal price is $497 a year, however today from this invite only page, all you have to do is...

Click the button below and today it's only one payment of $297 or 3 payments of $99 to join Pro Rap Academy Premium. You'll get your beginner and advanced freestyle exercises instantly. This also includes the Pro Kendrick Lamar freestyle training. Plus the 6 complete step-by-step masterclasses to level up every area of your rap skills in the fastest time possible.

Since everything is delivered digitally, you can get started right now.

Whether you start today or tomorrow, use your phone to record yourself freestyling before taking the program. Because a day after starting, you will be freestyling 10 times more naturally.

That’s a guarantee. :-)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

There’s ZERO Risk to Try It! Your rap and freestyle skills are 100% guaranteed.

Try Pro Rap Academy Premium today. Then, if for some reason you’re not totally happy about your decision to try it out, you have 30 days to get a full refund, no questions asked.

That means you could literally practice the exercises in Pro Rap Academy Premium for 3 weeks… and still get all your money back. So there’s no risk to you.

Ready To Rap Better?

Choose the best option for you right now… And get access instantly...

3 Payments of

3 pay billed monthly

  • 6 Pro Rap Masterclasses
  • Private Members Group
  • Melodic Rap Masterclass
  • Pro Freestyle Rap Masterclass
  • Lyrical Masterclass
  • Rap Recording Masterclass
  • Pro Rap Flow Masterclass
  • Hit Songwriting Masterclass
  • Weekly Freestyle Sessions
  • LIVE Bonus Trainings
  • New Masterclass Updates
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Only 3 payments
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$99 today then 2 more payments billed monthly.

Lifetime Membership

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  • 6 Pro Rap Masterclasses
  • Private Members Group
  • Melodic Rap Masterclass
  • Pro Freestyle Rap Masterclass
  • Lyrical Masterclass
  • Rap Recording Masterclass
  • Pro Rap Flow Masterclass
  • Hit Songwriting Masterclass
  • Weekly Freestyle Sessions
  • LIVE Bonus Trainings
  • Lifetime Updates
  • No recurring fees
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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