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Real user experiences and photos on this website are 100% volunteered without financial compensation. User results seen are not typical. They are a result of hard work and dedication to this unique plan which is required to freestyle rap... 

For all questions or inquires please email us at:

Current customers should direct their rap and training questions inside of our private facebook community for fastest response  


To instantly cancel your subscription simply follow these steps:

While logged into your Pro Rap Academy Account:

1. Click your profile photo

2. Select "Manage Subscriptions"

3. Click "Cancel"

To refund your order simply email your online receipt to  

*Include all your info (order no, email, name) and you should get a confirmation of the cancellation within 2 days.  

*Your online receipt is the email you get right after purchasing.  

Search for your mail using the keyword: "Pro Rap Academy" to locate your online receipt.

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